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The Collide Campaign

Dusty and dangerous…


Welcome to the continent of Osin, a land in an awkward phase that it just can't get out of. The descendent of the Firstborn still aren't getting along well, and neither are the gods they worship. The Holy Shining Armies of Ghazi The Awesome drive out of the boring itinerants of Torg, who take that as inspiration to kick the hell out of the peaceful, if raunchy, monks of Lanasa. The secular Tarpeians, an alliance of mortal races, have eschewed the divine and now march their legions from coast to coast to bring all under their crimson banner in the name of peace, whether they like it or not. The seas swarm with Drachen longships and Golden Fleet trade vessels, setting sail for adventure, profit, and sea shanties. In the shadows of the forests and the safety of secluded alleyways, the agents of the Sun Confederacy plot to restore some pompous and pretty Elven rule. Finally, from deep within the interior, out of the mountains and untraveled lands, unimaginable things have awakened, and now seem set to push the people of Osin off the continent for good. Which, all things considered… they sort of have it coming.

For this adventure we are going into that interior, to a land known as The Collide. Things are rumored to break in The Collide. Rules, spirits, and minds are supposedly fair game in this brutal land. Have fun?








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